The Solution – A Spiritual Experience

When I was living in darkness I was afraid of the light and the One that all light comes from.  I was afraid of God and that fear came from my shame – my shame separated me from God .

I thought that the way that I was living meant that God would want have to have nothing to do with me and so I ran from him.  I had a certain idea of who God was and I felt I did not deserve him – that God was disappointed with me. The way I was living ultimately chased me into Alcoholics Anonymous and it took a while but at some point I realized that God was hiding in plain sight,  waiting for me there along with my other brothers and sisters.  They were all thrilled that I had come home!

So today I know that when our book tells us that there is one power that there is one who has all power that one is God may you find him now, I know that he is and always has been right there with me. He always will be so long as I am willing to reach out to him.

I know today that he is not the source of condemnation and shame but the solution to my shame.  I know that God is love and love is all that matters. If I live in love I live with God and when I do that I choose to live like it says on page 25 of the Big Book.  In the solution I choose to live in a spiritual experience with God and when I do that I find much of heaven right now.

Today heaven is not an exit strategy it’s a way of life that we can choose to embrace.

What a gift! Thank you Lord!

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