A Letter From God

Imagine the proposition that there exists an actual letter from God himself to us personally and individually explaining His heart and mind and providing specific instructions for us to find him,  become one with him,  and possess all the most important things that he alone can provide.   If we in fact knew  that such a letter existed or there was even a possibility that such a letter existed,   would we not go to any lengths  to find that letter?  Would  that letter not be of more value than the objects of all the treasure hunts in all the history of man?  Jesus Christ claims that his teachings which are described in the Holy Bible,  are exactly that; …  a spiritual treasure map of sorts,  leading to our Heavenly Father and the ability to reside with Him in Heaven,  right now.
 If Christ is who he said he is,  then the things he said describe the heart and mind of God the Creator of all things. Therefore,  those words would be  the most important thing in the world and the most important thing in any and every man’s life.   If Christ is not who he said he is then one must concede that he was hopelessly insane, or worse,  and anything he said should be disregarded.
 Since the authors of the primary text of the 12 step recovery community the book titled Alcoholics Anonymous,  clearly state that the principles of the fellowship came primarily from sections of the Bible that are the teachings of Jesus Christ (Mathew: 5-7, James, 1 Corinthians :13) and also that the fellowship literature and structure was closely modeled after a previous fellowship known as the Oxford Group which openly confessed Jesus Christ as God Incarnate and as the focus of their fellowship.  If these things are true then the validity of the principles of 12 step recovery and the fellowship itself literally  hinge on this question:  Is Jesus Christ the One who has all power?  Is He the One God under which we were restored and united  with hearts and minds attuned to the welfare of others? Or was he some insane imposter fooling billions of people, the most colossal fraud imaginable?  This is a question it seems that every open minded member of the 12 step recovery community should want to explore by examining for themselves exactly what Jesus Christ said and how it relates to the fellowship.  Since Christ’s teachings are the foundation of the principles of the fellowship, perhaps the search for God should start with the object of the founders phrase “God as we understood Him”.  A wise man once said “if you hear hoofs at the door, look for a Horse first, not a Zebra”. Perhaps God is and has always been  hiding in plain sight.
Why is it so important  for every man to explore this issue?  Why does it matter who it is that is the focus of our spiritual life and worship, our Higher Power, God? Can’t  we get benefits from practicing the principles even if we don’t know  or acknowledge the true  source of those principles?  Yes of course we can and many have and many   do.  But it is like traveling to a wonderful foreign land, and  as a visitor there,  we can enjoy the benefits of that place but we can’t stay there forever. We are visitors not residents.   By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the One’s whose principles we practice anyway,  he tells us that we will remain with him forever,  not just enjoy the worldly benefits of using his principles during the short time that we are a living physical being as part of his creation.
There is nothing more important or urgent than establishing eternal residency in Heaven with our Creator through Christ.  We can immediately become a resident of Heaven,  it is free for the asking.  We need only ask the One who has all power to grant that request.  Only he can do so.  That is the Good News for all mankind.
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