The Promises

“The Promises” on page 83&84 of the BB are the Founder’s observations regarding the aspects of the changed lives of the AA program. The Founders made no promises. They could not. The BB says ” If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are halfway through.”

Then a description follows about the reborn lives that resulted from this “painstaking development” . What is the stated goal of the steps, which is what they are talking about as their development? As per last page of the step 3 chapter of the 12X12, it is to “align our will with God’s Will”. Therefore by practicing the steps “painstakingly” , we align our will with God’s will for us as alcoholics. This right alignment results in a changed life – a life which demonstrates the characteristics described on page 83&84 of the BB commonly referred to as “The Promises” . If my life does not demonstrate “The Promises”, then I need to be more “painstaking” about my practicing the steps and aligning myself with God’s Will.

Another helpful self check in addition to confirming the presence of the characteristics of the “Promises” in my life, is to verify the absence of the “Bedevilment’s” listed on page 52 of the BB.

Here is the big takeaway – people make promises to other people. The AA promises are some but not all of the benefits of doing His (God’s) Will. There are lots of promises in the Good Book (which the founder’s based the Big Book on) -┬áhundreds, if not thousands. The Good Book is full of God’s promises,and God keeps His promises….if we are painstaking about following His will. That’s our part of the bargain.

It is not only a bargain, it’s the deal of a lifetime.

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