Founders Day

Interestingly, AA Founders Day, June 7th,  falls on Pentecost weekend this year. Since Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of Christ’s Church, and the BB refers to the fellowship on p 164 with it’s closing message as “The Fellowship of the Spirit” , this is quite cool.

I have a new (to me) CD of a Bill W talk at an AA meeting…… in which he describes the creation of the fellowship, indicates that it started with Carl Yung telling Rolland that his only hope was a “religious conversion experience” and Rolland went back to US joined The Oxford Group, accepted Christ, and met Ebby who also had a conversion experience through Oxford, which led to Ebby taking “The Message”…Christ’s message… to Bill…and in this CD Bill refers to Ebby as his sponsor. In the CD Bill states that the AA message is both religious and an active fellowship of one drunk helping another. He then uses the analogy of a seed , soil and light all being required for growth. The Christian analogy to Christ’s   parables about seeds are obvious.

So finally, Bill says in the CD, the fellowship started in Yung’s office during that meeting with Rolland….but then he says plainly….”although it REALLY started 2000 years ago”…..

Based upon this CD of a AA talk by it’s founder, it must be OK to talk about religious matters, Christianity, and the Christian Foundation of our fellowship at an AA meeting , regardless of present day claims to the contrary. Apparently Bill was not concerned that such discussion would cause newcomers to burst into flames, or run screaming from the building, or harm AA or any of it’s members in any other way. Seems like Bill was telling the un-filtered Truth, employing …”rigorous honesty”. I will try to make an electronic copy of the CD and send out or post on

The Archbuilders meeting on Saturday mornings at 8:00am at Pantano Church at Houghton and 29th is growing. The AB pamphlet will be available on Amazon soon. We are having 5-7 people most days and the meetings are very powerful. We are reading Oxford group “”Eight Points” , and other foundational materials, and of course, lots of Christ’s Words from the Bible and AB. Please keep that meeting in your thoughts and prayers, and share my cell # with anyone you think might have an interest  520-444-7997

Here is a link to Founder’s day info for Tucson. There is mention of Oxford Group on the site. I have to go to a funeral that day, but if anyone can make it, let me know your thoughts on the event.

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