Whats the Point?

Whats the Point? BB How it Works…”The point is that we were willing to GROW along spiritual lines.” This line is read at nearly every 12 step meeting, probably 100,000 times a day to millions of people. So is the line ” there is One who has all power, that One is God may you find Him now.” I pray for my brothers and sisters in 12 step fellowships all over the world that they will heard these words and take them to heart. It also says in BB p 161 “We are restored and united under one God with hearts and minds attuned to the welfare of others.” I also hear it read in many meetings “no one person speaks for the fellowship.” I disagree. The principles, steps and all good things in the fellowship come straight from One and only One source. As Dr Bob says in AA Co Founders brochure regarding the principles ” we had them, ….as I said we got them from the Good Book…some of us older ones focused on Sermon on the Mount, Book of James and First Corinthians Chapter 13.” Christ speaks the principles of the fellowship in His Word, and when we practice those principles we are following Him whether we acknowledge Him or not. I pray that I can help some people realize who is the One that has all power. It is everything to know Him, and “without Him I was lost” as Bill W says in his story in BB page 13.

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