Good question!!

Good question: I heard a spot on Christian radio about an atheist that asked a good question, which was, “Do Christians REALLY believe in Heaven and Hell?” He said he did not think so. His comment was that if HE believed in Hell, and that Heaven (as described by Christians) was an actual alternative, that he would be willing to crawl coast to coast on his hands and knees over broken shards of glass to save even one person from Hell and help them get to Heaven.

If I get complacent and forget what is at stake and I miss even one opportunity to share the Truth with someone, anyone, then the consequences are more than I can bare. We have an unlimited supply of winning spiritual lottery tickets, and have been encouraged by “the House” to give them away for free! Some will take them and cash them, some will accept but never cash them, some won’t even take them. That’s between them and God, I am just a messenger, a delivery boy, but what a great job that is!

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