Roots Poster

Roots Shadow Box072814While at a twelve step men’s retreat in the mountains recently, I was hiking and came across an area where tree’s had been uprooted. I found a section of a root that was shaped like a cross, which I found unusual. The thought occurred to me that the Christian Cross, (the Christian Bible  and Christ’s teachings), is the root of the recovery fellowships in that the origin of the  AA Big Book and principles of the fellowship are identified  by the AA Founders in multiple AA literature sources as,  Sermon on the Mount,  Book of James, 1 Corinthians 13 and Psalms 91 & 23. I decided to make a physical representation of these concepts using that cross shaped section of the root, and created a shadow box toward that end. I had a professional photographer shoot a photo and this image is the result . For me the image says a lot in a simple way, and puts things in their proper perspective. I hope others will enjoy the image.

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