Group Statement

 Group Statement of Message and Purpose

Under Authority of God As He Expresses Himself in Our Group Conscience

 In keeping with the spirit of Tradition Four, speaking for ourselves only and not any other member of the AA fellowship, any other AA group or AA as a whole, we feel it is imperative that we have a stated FOBF group message so that we may  follow our purpose as mandated  in the long form of Tradition Five of Alcoholics Anonymous which states that:

 “Each AA group ought to be a spiritual entity, having but one primary purpose-that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers”.

Therefore, as  a “spiritual entity”  the message we carry as our primary purpose is  spiritual in nature,  is inspired and derived from AA conference approved literature, has been lovingly expressed by God in  our group conscience through Tradition Two, and is stated  as follows:

  • The purpose of practicing the 12 steps  is to bring our will into agreement with God’s Will. (12X12 page 40,  Third Step)
  • The principals of our fellowship are the steps, and their spiritual foundation is found in the Bible in Sermon on the Mount (Mathew Chapters 5-7), The Book of James, and First Corinthians Chapter 13. (Co-Founders of AA  Pamphlet # P-53  page 13&14)
  • Our solution…demands rigorous honesty (BB page 145 To Employers)
  • We are all “united under one God, with hearts and minds attuned to the welfare of others” (BB page 161, A Vision For You)
  • The one God under whom we are all united, who has all power,  is  Bill’s “newfound  Friend”, Jesus Christ, who takes away our sins root and branch (BB page 13 Bill’s Story)

FOBF members feel that this message is consistent with the AA program at its inception where documented recovery success rates of 75% or more were the norm. We have experienced similar results within our group, and are convinced that carrying this message is the best way to pursue our purpose of helping the alcoholic who still suffers, whether they are newly sober or an old-timer that has yet to experience The Solution (BB page 25)

“…we have had deep and effective spiritual experiences….our creator has entered into our hearts and minds in a way that is indeed miraculous.” 

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